While most of our attention is currently focused on getting the Best Young Writers 2013 contest and anthology off the ground, we are wide open for long-form manuscript and query letter submissions. We don’t have a particular style we’re looking for, but we definitely want hard-working, talented authors who are proud of their work and ain’t afraid to shout it from the roof tops. But to give you some idea, here is a list of authors that knock our socks off: Roxane Gay, xTx, David Foster Wallace, Matt Bell, Jonathan Lethem, and Stephen King.

We’ll accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry or short story collections, anything really, so long as it’s fun to read and keeps us turning the pages. Since we’re still pretty new, please allow 6 months for a response, but if it takes longer than that email us and ask what’s up.

For more information, or to send your query letter, visit our Submittable page.


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